I am tired.

I am really, really, really bloody tired. Probably because I’ve been in an anxiety spiral for the past three hours, thanks to some unsavoury people. They know who they are, they know what they’re doing, and know what they’re doing, too. That doesn’t stop the physical body from responding to a trigger, sadly, but…

It’s really hilarious in a screwed-up way when people preach love and gentleness and uwu your trauma is valid and…don’t extend that to those they don’t like. I get that the woke facade is exactly that, a facade, and really they’re just bitter and nasty people, but. I mean. Who purposefully goes around trying to set someone’s anxiety off? How damaged in the soul do you have to be?

The world continues to be weird.

I should sleep, but while my body is exhausted, my brain’s wired, so it won’t be happening. I should probably work on outstanding projects, but…which? (Also such a thing would require concentration, which I don’t have; it’s interesting enough trying to write this entry…)

Maybe I’ll go get another coffee…maybe I’ll go reblog pretty pictures…yes…I think I might.

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