she speaks in the 3rd person so she can forget

[cw: childhood sexual & religious abuse]

There will be days like these. They will come for no reason. It’s okay. They’ll happen. Just let them pass. Let them happen. Don’t fight them too much. It’s okay, she’s okay, she’s okay.

She’s not okay.

She’s so, so gutted that Pastor Tim Jaensch passed away before she could seek him out again, ask him if he knew of Ruth Lambert and how she acted, or Trevor Winderlich and what he was like, what influence he had on that church. She’s just angry that Winderlich outlived Pastor Tim. How dare he? How fucking dare he? How dare Lambert be a deputy principal at a school she could walk to right now?

She wants someone, anyone, from the Lutheran church of Australia to hear her, believe her, tell her it was wrong, tell her that her pain and fear and trauma is valid and that they’re so fucking sorry one of their own did this, and they disavow them and condemn them.

And that no child will ever go through the same. Not ever again.

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