eat, sleep, and eat…many souls

…apparently it’s perfectly normal in addiction recovery to face, like…literally mind-numbing boredom. that’s…I mean, great to know and all, but ugh, really? when all my creative stuff is still in three million boxes and I’m in frequent pain to boot? it’s also really, really annoying to know that my addiction recovery from xanax is like…a forever thing. I’m always going to be in recovery, never recovered.

so! my extra moneys arrived today, and i got my paws on that Ken+Youji cel w/ background and a wonderfully kept copy of the WK tarot. worth every penny, and the fact that I’m buying it off ‘Yueki’ of Kuro Koneko, a site I spent literal hours on back in the day, will never not amuse me. this is on top of the ceramic container, metal bookmarks, and cute sticky note set that I bought on tuesday. I hope they get here soon, but lately, AusPost + USPS is like…a recipe in why even bother. soooo tempted to put my remain dosh towards the Youji and Omi+Youji cel I’ve been eyeing, but I might leave that ’til next payday, just in case.

oh yes, the wigs for my new customs arrived, and…they didn’t fit too well. smallish 1/3rds, I suppose. it was just a matter of unpicking the elastic around the back of the wig cap, but they’re still a little precariously placed on Pullip heads. suppose I’d better make one of those velcro wig-snap things…whenever my sewing box gets opened properly.

I need my goddamn studio back already. I’m actually going crazy. crazier. I’m literally so bored I think I’m going to bed. you can’t be asleep and bored!

…god knows my brain would give it a go, though. -_-;