rain on a tin roof

it is hot, it is raining, it is humid, and it is gross, but…at least my aircon stopped leaking? like, just stopped as randomly as it started. I have no idea why and I ain’t looking a gift horse in the mouth. or a gift aircon in the…fil…ter? I guess.

set up a PP notebook for me and neechan to share, which should be far more handy than clogging up Facebonk and easier to port if/when DW bites the dust. the user is the only thing that is eternal on the Wired, and there is no Wired without the user. cue Serial Experiments Lain theme here.

(I’d really like to set up a random SELain sorta…thoughtvomit/philosophy page on Neocities, and then I remembered that Neocities is shite and the userbase has the attention span and general IQ of a half-squashed gnat and nobody cares unless there’s a million flashing graphics and the site is literally pointless. sigh. the world’s becoming image-centered and I’m a word-centered girl, despite what the past two years’ inspiration drought would make one think.

maybe I’ll put it on [redacted].Nu. I mean, I got the whole domain for personal stuff, and what’s more personal than my pseudo-deep philosophical ramblings on the state of the Wired?)

Natsume is overheating far too frequently for my liking — and I’m not even playing FFXIV currently, it’ll have to be next pay — but I think that’s mostly down to not being in an adequately climate-controlled area anymore, and at his age, too. he’s not hanging himself or bluescreening at me, yet, he’s just very, very warm to the touch. I have a laptop riser and am constantly putting ice-packs beneath it for super-cooling (and currently have a pedastal fan blowing straight onto him), but eh. he’s a very spicy boy rn. please don’t fry yourself yet, baby. I am not in a decent enough position financially to replace you. give me another year at least T_T

not feeling at all well, and I can’t tell if it’s just the usual nerves-are-demyelinating, brainfog-physfog bullshit, or I’m coming down with something. felt awfully faint for most of the day, inexplicably. I feel fairly decent mentally, if a little anxious about random stuff, mostly interpersonal nonsense. (like, literal nonsense worries, like “oh no what if [x] secretly doesn’t like/love me anymore?!”; that sort of silliness that I can honestly say is just silliness. knowing that doesn’t stop the physical reaction to said anxiety, but hey, at least I can think straight. or as straight as I ever think, ohohoho.

…I’ve been hanging around JE for far too goddamn long.

and I intend to keep doing so, so there. :P)

I have PP snippets eating at my brain and forming like little movies; I need to get them on paper…HTML…thing…as soon as I’m not in mildly severe discomfort. (‘mildly severe’, how is that even a thing–) tried scanning in some WK nonsense for the proposed music+ site and that got exhausting, so that probably says everything about my physical status. demyelination. it’s a complete bitch. i do not recommend it.

in other news, I accidentally downloaded “Keropak” by Hirahara Ayaka (site claimed I was downloading “Aria~AIR”; I was distinctly not…ended up buying that one legally, what the hell) and…that is a cute little earworm, dammit.