cala giliath

I walked outside this evening, and looked up at the sky…and it was so clear. So, so clear, like the little rainstorm we had at the very end of the afternoon had cleansed the sky or something like that. So many points of silver in the star-host…so bright and magical…something almost holy, mystical, sparkling scintillas of wonder. I just stared and stared and stared, enraptured.

And I felt it. That memory stirring. The old wonder, my old self. Just for a breath, but it was there.

There is magic all around, still. I think it’s just a matter of stopping, breathing in, letting go, and opening your eyes.

“All light is sacred to the Eldar, but the Wood Elves love best the light of the stars … It is memory, precious and pure. I have walked there sometimes, beyond the forest and up into the night. I have seen the world fall away and the white light forever fill the air…”
— Tauriel, The Desolation of Smaug

far, or even further than that?

“…the Quenya word for “far” is “haiya”, not “haila”…”

This…is pointedly not true. They both mean far, actually, but haíla indicates something that’s further beyond than haiya

Aman haiya ná — Aman + far + it is –> “Aman is far (away from where we are now)”
Aman haíla ná — Aman + far beyond + it is –> “Aman is far, far beyond (where we are now)”

If you want to pick on something that Oonagh actually gets wrong, why not choose her sung pronunciations of ninya and tyelma in “Nan Úyë“? Hint: they aren’t three syllables! The LotR musical falls into the same trap, when Legolas sings nyérë as “nee-AIR-ray” in “Lothlórien“…it’s NYE~H-reh, Greenleaf! Tsk tsk, Sindarin nitwits…;P

(I must note here that this is not the fault of the actor remotely — nor even the songwriters! This is a dialect coach’s responsibility and should have been caught early…though I don’t actually know if there even was a dialect coach involved with the musical, to be honest, and Google is being unhelpful. I’m sure there was…)

a full suit of armour, and evening stars…

I am now officially double-vaxxed! What a relief. It hurts rather dreadfully to raise my arm, and I am not looking forwards to the further oncoming post-vax symptoms, but I dare say it’s better than enduring COVID-19! This also means I’m free to roam about, now (with a mask, of course). Not that I have overmuch of a need or want to do so, as of late, but still…the option is there if I need to take it.

In website news, I gave Evenstar — pka Vespera — the biggest overhaul of its coming-up-to-twenty-year life on Professor Tolkien’s birthday! New name, new layout, new address (…or an old address, if you’ve known me long enough ;P), new content, new affiliate…new, new, new! I’m astonished it’s still around, to be absolutely honest. The only websites I run that are older than Evenstar are Runaway Run (on indefinite hiatus) and World Spins Madly On (being pieced back together as we speak…and also pending a huge update for its own 20th anniversary, come late February).

I also think it’s the only non-abandoned Arwen fansite left on the web…the oldest and the last. It’s quite a melancholy thought, but it’s appropriate, in a sad way…

Yuquain yéni ar nótarië, húnir. :P