there is a tempest in me!

New Rings of Power trailer! I’m…a little torn on this one, to be completely honest.

  • Galadriel is perfect and she always will be. I think they’re leaning a little too heavily into the warrior aspect of her, BUT that may make perfect sense in context of the show and how they develop her character, so I’m not too bothered yet.
  • only just found out about the changes regarding the Númenorean royalty. Boo. Pharazon might be a bastard, but Ar-Pharazon was king bastard. Also it’s kind of belittling to Tar-Míriel’s character that her chief struggle has essentially been removed…I would have loved to see what they did with a secretly furious Tar-Míriel who wants her rightful position restored from that jackass she had to marry. That would have been gold. Think of the subplots! The passive-aggression!
  • no new Elrond material. sadface. you made me like him, now feed my addiction, dammit!
  • I see Amazon is also leaning into the “hobbits have large feet” myth…one day, someone will depict hobbits with silky curls on their feet, I’m sure…one day…T__T
  • also, I get that Harfoots are close to nature and all that, but jeez…someone teach them how to wash their faces.
  • so, um…Bear McCreary composes that wonderful soundtrack, and you just…don’t use it in your final (I think?) trailer? …y’all weird. also, hearing modern trip-hop in a LotR piece really breaks the immersion, for me. The films didn’t hit us with modern performers singing in our common tongue until the credits, and the more I think on it, the more I’m fairly sure that was on purpose. It’s like a gentle shake, being told to go back into the real world, now…but softly, softly. This was like “BLAM YOU’RE WATCHING TELEVISION”. Yeah, I know, trust me.
  • Gil-galad is gonna be SO imperiously awesome and ever so slightly angsty and baby, I am living for it.

Also, this is…really disappointing, but not surprising, let’s be honest. Oh well. The films are the films, and the TV show is the show. Maybe it’s best to keep those experiences separate, and besides which, I don’t…actually think I could have gone back to Indooroopilly yet. Yes, it’s been a year, but it’s still an open wound. Maybe it always will be, I don’t know. (Surprised there were no screenings on at Chermside or even North Lakes, tbph…)