things most random!

In no particular order:

  1. I’m doing this again. It just feels right, for some reason. I may even discover what that reason is while doing it. ♥
  2. I discovered Midjourney and I’m actually thinking of buying a subscription; I can’t draw, but I have images in my head, so…get the AI to do it for me! :D
  3. I have three new pairs of Converse highs (problem? What problem?) — all of them second hand steals. Baby blue pearl, China blue, and jacaranda purple. :D When I said back in ’16 that I wanted a star on my ankles and a rainbow on my feet, I was dead serious. (So the collection now comes to…red, pale pink, hot pink, fuchsia, fuchsia sequins, black and white glitter, flower embroidery on black, olive jacquard, and the aforementioned three. Only four were first-hand buys, no less! …yes, I know it’s supposed to be more socially acceptable to spend money rather than save it, to which I say bite me. :3)
  4. The previously mentioned eastern brown seems to have disappeared. We burned the bonfire pile today; no sign of escaping snake. I’ve been given the all clear to continue walking down the back :D (Also, I discovered that bamboo makes fabulous popping noises when it burns. Easily as loud as firecrackers! XD)