really do not want, at all, ever.

It hath descended. ‘It’ being the thing I have to go through for medical reasons that usually I stop happening altogether for my own continued survival, the thing that most people equipped with the same organs as I have just sort of sigh and work around. I, on the other hand, would be throwing myself into oncoming traffic if I could, in fact, move more than my fingers due to severe pain.

(And will they give me relief for said severe pain? Oh, sweet summer child, you are adorable, you are.)

…so. Yep. Excuse any hellishness escaping from my general direction for the next week or so. Also, late replies or slow updates or whathaveyou; I’ve been arguing with myself over even posting this entry for the past three hours. All I want to do is sleep the pain away, honestly.

(At least I got my hair washed and dried?)