the power I never knew I had. huh.

Dear overly jumpy Taylor Swift fans,

TAKE A XANAX AND GO TOUCH SOME GRASS. One random girl on the internet saying they don’t want to listen to your lady and saviour won’t effect her career, nor your enjoyment of it, in any way at all, literally.

Just have a kiwi and relax, babes.

Or, in failing to do that, please grant me permission to go completely nuclear on your lovely faces when you tell me you have no interest in listening to MSP or Suede. I mean, come on. Fair play, etc!


PS: I’ve been hearing her voice NONSTOP for the last…however long it was since she released her country songs; trust me when I say that by now, I know her voice is not to my taste. Returning to the same bottle of wine won’t change its flavour, even when you put a new label on it.