the wheel weaves as the wheel wills

So, I finished The Wheel of Time S1, and…wow. Very different canon from the book; I’m looking forward to seeing how this unfolds! (People that moan endlessly about how TV shows are different from books really are starting to puzzle me. I already know what’s happened in book-canon; I have no idea what’s going to happen with TV-canon! It’s more interesting that way!)

Favourite characters? Moiraine and Lan, natch. Both of whom are crazy gorgeous but oh my god, the things Rosamund Pike does to me…and in that scene, when she whispered “on your knees…”…I am never, ever gonna get over that. I would worship the fucking ground she walks on oh my Light– *ahem* Which is a bit weird, because bookwise, my favourite character is hands down Nynaeve. Show!Nynaeve is perfectly okay, just not as…feisty? Argumentative? as I thought she could have been portrayed. (Though maybe that’s a good thing, the ‘nerd’ dudebros don’t like it when the ladies should the barest hint of dissent towards anything. *cough*Galadrielgettingcalledagirlboss*coughcough*)

Least favourite? …still Egwene, so very solidly done there XD Rand is also just as dull, sulky, and boring as he is in the book, which amuses me. Perrin and Mat are completely different characters from who they used to be, so I can’t really compare their TV and book-selves. Oof, Perrin.  They really wanted to Kick the (Wolf-)Puppy with him, didn’t they? D:

Speaking of Rosamund Pike, the honey-voiced goddess she is…she’s the narrator for the new versions of the WoT audiobooks. Hold me back. Admittedly, I would listen to her read the goddamn phone book if I had half a chance, but I’d probably still get my hands on the new editions all the same; I didn’t like the swapping female-male narrators on the original, for the same reason I hate fully dramatised audiobooks. Give me one voice, let me connect to that voice, and let me drift off with my imagination. I don’t know if that’s because I was read to so much as a child or what, but there it is.