kinda more like “Myer” or “Boyd” tbph

Folks, I dislike JK Rowling with every fibre of my being, but can we clear something up? Her pen name actually belonging to the shitwit that created conversion “therapy” (torture is torture is torture) is overwhelmingly likely to be a really creepy coincidence.

Firstly, ‘Robert’ is one of the most popular names in Scotland, and also tends to be a family-name handed down — my OzScots ass has a family tree littered with Roberts for the boys and Lilliases for the girls. ‘Robert’ also tends to be one of the most popular names in the whole English-speaking world; it’s not what you’d call rare.

Also, in Scotland, if not the whole UK? Galbraith is not a rare name. It’s not madly common, but it’s definitely a surname that everyone has heard before, at least once or twice.

How do I know? Uh, because I am a Galbraith; or of the Galbraith line, if you want to get super technical about it. And I can tell you that right now, in the UK, there are probably about fifteen to twenty-five Robert Galbraiths in existence, if not more — that’s a conservative estimate.

So, no, it’s not like choosing “Adolf Hitler” for a pen name whatsoever. I’d probably wager that Rowling didn’t even know who created conversion therapy — few people did before this.

Guys, I get it. JK is a stain on humanity, but we really, really don’t have to reach for reasons as to why she is one. Especially not in an onomastic sense.