life is not rosy

Welp, I moved off social.yesterweb because I am now 150% done with the whole yesterweb and everyone that promotes its faux-nicey-nicey Web 1.0 garbage. Note: an artist wanting eyeballs on their work is not a sellout, a cop-out, a slave to the algorithm, a corp shill, or anything other than that, and if you have EVER uploaded ANYTHING to the internet AT ALL, you should fucking know that. Don’t even TRY to tell me that you just did it for yourself; if you did, you’d have kept it on your hard drive. You want people visiting your shitty .gif strangled site, just as much as I want people reading my words. Screw. You.

I will not be called a bad person because I want people to read my writing, for God’s sake. Fuck the yesterweb, and especially fuck ANYONE who claims it’s all about love and creativity and friendliness. Yeah, until you step out of the lines.

Done, kaput, over.

Oh yeah, still suspended on Twitter. I finally find a community there and they do this to me. There’s only one word for their automated suspension system and unfortunately, it won’t sink in, because automated.

Or I’ll get suspended for saying it.


To quote Eowyn, “everything makes me sad.”