Kind of forcing myself to journal. Kind of. A nice, stable HTML attempt this time around, because my goddess you have no Earthly idea how DONE I am with bloody WordPress. ClassicPress is far more tolerable, but…ugh. Can’t someone just make a nice, simple, flat-file script made specifically for blogging, not content management? Blogger ruled all back in Web 1.0’s death throes. We need a clone of that, in script form.

I’ve made a huge shift to one of my web projects, and I need to work more on it, so of course I’m in an ornery, cranky, I-only-wanna-make-pixels-and-play-BSSMAS mood. Why? …I was going to say “who knows”, but I think it’s because my physical health has taken another dive, which is unfortunate, but not wholly unexpected. I just wish I was one of those people with a kilometre-high pain threshold who can power through anything, but I’m not, so I crumble and sleep a whole lot. You can’t concentrate on making things look cute if it feels like someone is trying to drive one of those Japanese knives you pay megabucks for through your frontal lobe. Or your pelvis. You simply can’t.

…it’s 19°C and cloudy. Winter really is coming, finally. 😀 Thank goodness. My hatred of summer has worsened a thousand times since the World Fell Down; I’m actually thinking of writing a generic silly just-for-fun fantasy piece where summer is the season that’s feared above all else, not winter. I’m sick of reading about dread winters (why is there always a dread winter?)…especially when I’m reading about it while sitting beneath a screaming aircon and it’s literally 35 in the shade outside. It ruffles one slightly, shall we say.

Go away, hell season. Go far away and never come back. I want to wear comfortable clothes I can hide in, and go walking in the early mornings without getting literal heat stroke, and I want to eat yummy strawberries. (Yes, they’re a winter fruit here.) Maybe I’ll even get better. Maybe everything will get better. Just hurry, winter, hurry…

(One day I’ll see real snow. I’m sure. One day…)