tonight I don’t wanna be sober

i’m finally in an okay enough headspace to listen to kpop thatĀ isn’t only very recent MAMAMOO tracks (long story, i might explain in a separate entry) and i’m digging into Mochimin’s first solo offering, “FACE”, and…i’m only up to “Like Crazy” and my jaw’s already on the fwcking floor. there is so much…like…jagged, black-silk-elegance to it? it’s like throwing back a shot of the most expensive vodka you’ve ever had, and then walking out into the city night with your jaw set. i just. holy shit, Jiminie. holy shit. it’s like…”Lie” fromĀ Wings seen through a black glass. and yes, my synaesthesia is going mad right now.

(also, i’ll say it: Park Jimin has a very strange voice. does this mean it isn’t astonishingly holographically beautiful? not even. not even one bit.)