wish my life was more interesting, but oh well

stable-esque day, then my cat decided to misbehave and…camel’s back, sticks, etc, you know. or maybe the day wasn’t that stable…i mean, we had a big-dog-found-a-snake scare (snake either went to ground or got away — and we’re not sure what type it is/was — i was the only one who got a good look at it: about a foot and a half long, pale brown. it could be a Tree Snake, or it could be an Eastern Brown; can’t tell without seeing the shape of the head), then big-dog-hassled-the-mama-possum-and-her-twins scare. i’m very fond of ‘my’ ringtails, especially the patient and caring mama. i will do a lot, a lot, to keep them safe — including taking the dog for a walk while my left knee was giving way, just so mama possum could pick up the kidlets (she like…tucked them into a palm frond to protect them, and they just like, curled up together and were small and quiet and, and, and??? MY HEART–) and hightail it outta there without the dog being a twerp.

or ringtail it out of there, heheh.

what the cat’s problem was, i dunno. it was basically just “weh weh weh i want to be outside i’ll scratch up the screen door until you let me out weh weh weh”. like. no, cat. firstly, you are not touching my possums. secondly, it’s literally against the law for housecats to be outside after dark in brisvegas. thirdly, you little bastard, it’s dangerous for you, too! there are powerful owls about, and they don’t mind the odd bit of cat!

but no, i’m evil for keeping her and the environment safe. 😛

also, australia post didn’t deliver today, because they’re useless bastards. yeah, that’s the reason.