if nothing else, we still have music

song of the day for yesterday: come on, it has to be kookie’s “seven”. (people on the hellbirdsite being all “omg, jungkook’s the first one to sing about sex explicitly! (cue either thinly-veiled disgust or thirst levels becoming critical)”, while i’m over here with my RM bias being like, “DOES NAMJOON NOT EXIST TO YOU?!” because real ARMYs know e x a c t l y to what i am referring, js. :3) bad bunny out here breaking records like he was born to do it. as i mentioned on my retrospring to a non, i do in fact like mochimin’s “like crazy” a lot better, but negl this is a bop and a grower.

song of the day for today: icehouse’s cover of “sister europe”, for no other reason than it’s stuck in my head. sometimes that’s all sotd is, honestly. (this is a quality cover, though, don’t get me remotely wrong.)

in other news, there’s been a gas leak in my residence which gave me a sore throat and a headache, which is why sotd was late. hooray? why not.