more than just an awful Colleen Hoover “book”

I fell of the wagon. Or maybe I was pushed, who knows. Desperate times call for desperate measures, etc.

Anyway, nicer things.

I GOT THIS FINISHED (or maybe finished…maybe I should do lyrics, as well…hmm…). I’m so proud of it, and the research I did on it would probably make my former professors all groan and facepalm (“don’t be so SERIOUS, Kirin-ssi!”) BUT~ there is it. TyoBabi is love, TyoBabi is LIFE, karaoke is fun, and music is God. (I also bent the spines of my precious first editions to get those scans, so dear god please nobody take them without credit.) I can’t wait to get the rest of City Gardening online, even though I know next to nobody cares about TB anymore. I do, and I have goodies to share. If I share ’em with no one, well…I don’t care. TB makes me happy. Precious little makes me happy as of late, so I’ll indulge in whatever does without shame.

Also got a lot of pixelly nonsense still going on! And a surprising amount of Sailor Moon whatnot. I’ll grow up one day. Maybe. Just not today. 😛

Oh yeah…I did start on my NaNo project, but…let’s be honest, I’m not sure how far I’ll get along in it. Who knows, hyperfixation may kick in and I might cough up 50k words in 12 days — it’s happened before. But if it does, yay. If it doesn’t, yay. The writing/pro-publishing community has left me with such a bad taste in my mouth, and creativity’s hard to come by when the majority of your waking hours are spent either bawling and immobile due to burning pain, or curled up in the foetal position due to overwhelming anxiety. But, you never know. Well, I certainly don’t, at least.

…best save this entry before my internet craps out on me again ><;;;

ああ、今日。 11月9日。 そうそう。 それでは、フィリア、お誕生日おめでとう! あなたがより良い人間になったことを願っています。 少なくともあなたのために。ふふふ〜