“Your words are poison.”

“Anyways, bi-polar is not a ‘mental disorder’, in a sense. Medicine can fix it, all it does is cause a chemical imbalance, and that causes you to have mood swings. That does’nt mean she is more likely to do anything drastic, as long as she is taking medication for it.”

There are still some things I am so, so angry about. There are still some things that make me sick to my stomach, that kick my trauma response into full wakefulness, that make me want to vomit all over my keyboard. There are still scars from where I was trying to let out the fear and pain without making a sound…and was then mocked for it.

There is still so much to fucking hate.

It’s why my hair-trigger response now is instant white-ice silence when I sense some shit’s going on behind the scenes. (Or when I know, nevermind sense.) I am not going back to that place, I am not letting that poison into my life again, and you can try to inject it into it for as long as you like, babes, but I am not here for it and I am not going to put up with it. Nobody gets away with garbage, this time. I am never going to be an online punching bag for a group of cliquey, nasty Mean Girls ever again, and I am not going to interact with anyone who has anything to do with people who continue to indulge in this behaviour, whether that’s on Twitter or the TFL boards or goddamn anywhere.

Because you know that thing that adults tell you? “Don’t worry, after high school all the catty, petty behaviour will stop, you’ll see”? Yeah, that is a fucking lie. It doesn’t. People just become older, that’s literally all.

You are worth so much more than they say you are.