oh my dear now listen here

Start over, clean slate. Forget the past, clear the air, ignore the ignoble (forgiveness not included, nor required. Definitely not automatically given, especially sans apologies).

Also, I’ve ordered a tonne of tea. Well, maybe not a tonne — three 120g tins (one free!) and three 50g packs. Butterscotch caramel, chocolate brownie, “Christmas Tea”, gingerbread, strawberries and cream, and tiramisu, respectively (can you tell I love my dessert teas? ♥) from The Tea Centre with free shipping and ten bucks off, yay! It’s been forever since I bought anything from the one I usually go to, but if I think about that too hard, I’ll end up crying, and I’m so tired of that nonsense. I want to grab some flavours from Tour de Tea, as well (gotta love Brisbane-based businesses!) — particularly their apple crumble and crème brûlée, seeing as TTC no longer makes those flavours themselves. Don’t get me wrong, coffee is always going to be the superior beverage (…dude, what? I’m a scholar interrupted; this shouldn’t surprise you remotely), but a drop of hot leaf water every now and then (esp with creamed honey~) is allowable.

I put this up on my Bluesky the other day, but I have to put it here, too: this Sesame Street clip I just remembered from my childhood speaks to my soul, and also probably explains why my sense of humour as an adult is as strange as it is. “Wow man, I gotta remember that…huh, how could I be so dumb?” This episode was definitely brought to you by the number 420.