doing the best with what we can

Not out of the woods yet, but at least the financial panic has abated (thanks to the generosity of some beautiful, beautiful people…I honestly cannot describe in words how thankful I am) and I’ve been medicated, so I’m sitting in a pleasant clearing, at least. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday evening and without going into too much detail (the majority of it incredibly boring, really), I’ll just say that it left me unhappy, but at least with five free physio visits. Take the little pieces of good and cling to them like a lamprey.

(Also, if at all possible: try to never fall down the stairs. Life tip #1. Arwen’s Good Advice Book, being published by Oh God Spare Us All Press in 2024!)

I joined the TFL Secret Santa, because I loved the idea of making website goodies for someone, and I wanted to make friends, but I’m actually kind of wondering, now, if that was the best idea I’ve ever had. I think two people participating don’t like me, and certain other TFL ex-staff may have a had a word in someone else’s ear about how awful and evil and terrible I am, so…I might be making things for someone who actively dislikes me. Oh well, I guess. I don’t actually dislike any of the participants (except for one, who couldn’t even bring their grievance with me to me so I could clear the air, but instead took it to Twitter and the message boards…and even then, it’s not really dislike — I don’t know them. It’s more exasperation with their actions), and I suppose they don’t have to like me, either, really. I just have to make good gifts for my Secret Santa receiver (…Santee? that sounds a bit odd…). That was part of what I agreed to do when I signed up; make good quality gifts for anyone I was assigned to. And that’s what I’ll do, to the very best of my ability.

Think I might go have a cup of Christmas tea. ‘Tis the season, after all. 🙂