it’s nothing personal, babe

there’s always a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when i have to reject someone for the aromatic clique lately. it’s like, okay, prepare for the argument about why $X_PERSON should be the only exception to the rules about accessibility and why they can read their site so surely everyone else has no trouble with it and just…i wanna hide. it’s not a personal thing. the rules are the rules and i can’t make exceptions for one person. it doesn’t mean i hate you or think you’re shit or whatever, i’m just sick of fucking squinting at my gigantic screen and i cannot be the only person. god help me if i was on laptop or mobile.

i just don’t wanna argue with anyone. i’m tired and i’m sad.

anyway i’m in a really bad way and won’t be surprised if i end up in the hospital tomorrow, but illness does this sometimes. i’m half-tempted to pack a bag tonight and that’ll take some of the stress off for tomorrow…but i’m exhausted at the moment so moving is difficult. (i just used up any energy i had trying to get a moth out of the room. partially worked.)

i think i’ll just return to ff6 and dragons of autumn twilight on audiobook for the time being. (i’m doing boring lore-finding for strago on the veldt; i don’t need the soundtrack for that lest i end up loathing the veldt theme forever.)

caps are for people who aren’t so exhausted they’d happily curl up on the nearest flat surface on any plane of existence if they were promised they’d get a solid 36 hours of sleep out of it.