at this point, geocities was honestly more tolerable.

the nerve of some people. so, someone on neocities (what a surprise!) was direct-linking to my header images for a couple of cliques i run. sigh, turn on direct-link protection. a little annoying, but no big deal, ultimately.

only to find that said person has now SAVED THE HEADERS and uploaded them to their own website, and has a disclaimer on their splash page that amounts to “lol, all the images on my site are hosted on imgur so feel free to steal them!”

excuse you?

seriously, i am this close — this. close. — to just, like…putting up a disclaimer on my site that says “if you have a neocities website, please get the hell off mine and stay ten gigabytes away from me at all times, and keep your grabby little paws to yourself”, because my stars, the entitled BS that most of its idiot users pull…

(which would be horribly unfair, because there are absolute gems in the mire and muck that is NC; they’re just largely quiet, keep to themselves, and are overlooked by the algorithm your average idiot nostalgian goes on and on and on about how they’re rejecting. but whenever i have a disagreement with someone about what they can and can’t do with content that isn’t theirs? it’s always sodding NEOCITIES.)