aestivation, stat.

god, i despise summer with every fibre of my being. can’t i just sleep until the weather starts behaving in a civilised manner (ie, stays 26ÂșC or lower and the humidity takes a hike)? i don’t understand how i’m like…anti-accustomed to this. for someone who grew up in the subtropics, i should be immune to this, or at least just find it a minor inconvenience, not five months’ worth of life-stops-brain-dies BS.

i love brisbane so much, and the thought of leaving her at all makes me sad (with the approaching five-ring-circus coming to town, it may end up a necessity, moneywise), but damn if most of her summers aren’t just sunshine brutality.

or maybe it’s just that they’re intolerable when i have nothing to do while they occur, which…makes sense. summer ’16/’17 was the happiest i’ve ever been for an extended period.