minor things, in list format

(oh, shush. shounagon-oneesama would approve.)

  1. I’m up to date on requested names! this is so much fun and is the real kick in the backside I needed to improve my Sindarin, which doesn’t come as naturally to me as Quenya (which is…odd, considering I’m a beginning Welsh speaker? brain and brain, what is brain?). iiiit also gives me a chance to babble on about two things I love, elves and onomastics. oh, the things that could have been, if only the world hadn’t ended…
  2. (when I say “I want to go home”, it includes all parts of my home.)
  3. I know this misery is merely due to the two (half-useless) benzos I had to sink over the past 48 hours, but oh my goodness I wish it would go away; I can’t afford to burst into tears again, I have no painkillers for the resulting headaches
  4. …I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday. welp.

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