do it now!

It’s childish of me, but if someone keeps refreshing one of my cliques literally 20 times in an hour waiting for me to update it, I kind of feel like gritting my teeth and making them wait a week until I add them. It’s like the digital equivalent of being tailgated and slowing down in response.

I’d get it if I was using at automated joining system like for a fanlisting, but all my cliques are run entirely by hand — manually, if you will. I can’t just drop everything I’m doing and add someone the instant their application hits my inbox. Also, it makes sense to wait until a few application emails come through, and to do them all at once to save time and frustration.

(Also, it’s just a webclique application, not a call to 000. It’s just a fun little timewaster at the end of the day, your appearing on the members’ list is not remotely time-sensitive.)

Between layout thefts, resource misappropriation, non-linking, refusal to read rules, and this thing, I’m getting really, really sick of how entitled the majority of Neocities users are. Lain didn’t give up her physical presence for this shit.

(& yes, I’m super grumpy because this headache refuses to either go away or turn into a proper migraine, and has been doing so for the past 12 hours.)

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