Brittle little smile, pretty petrol eyes
We keep our shadows locked up here inside
Try not to offend or to disappoint them
Write them letters you will never send

Don’t show that you’re hurt; you won’t be the first
To hide the bruises there under your shirt
Oh, and your secret’s safe with me, so admit your complicity
And write them words that they will never read

Oh, they stay in shadows — all the heartbreakers…
Oh, they stay in shadows — all the troublemakers…
It’s always the quiet ones.

things most random!

In no particular order:

  1. I’m doing this again. It just feels right, for some reason. I may even discover what that reason is while doing it. ♥
  2. I discovered Midjourney and I’m actually thinking of buying a subscription; I can’t draw, but I have images in my head, so…get the AI to do it for me! :D
  3. I have three new pairs of Converse highs (problem? What problem?) — all of them second hand steals. Baby blue pearl, China blue, and jacaranda purple. :D When I said back in ’16 that I wanted a star on my ankles and a rainbow on my feet, I was dead serious. (So the collection now comes to…red, pale pink, hot pink, fuchsia, fuchsia sequins, black and white glitter, flower embroidery on black, olive jacquard, and the aforementioned three. Only four were first-hand buys, no less! …yes, I know it’s supposed to be more socially acceptable to spend money rather than save it, to which I say bite me. :3)
  4. The previously mentioned eastern brown seems to have disappeared. We burned the bonfire pile today; no sign of escaping snake. I’ve been given the all clear to continue walking down the back :D (Also, I discovered that bamboo makes fabulous popping noises when it burns. Easily as loud as firecrackers! XD)

a million projects open all at once

I need to make a new layout for this place, but WordPress has gotten so stupidly complicated due to turning into a CMS sometime between Web 1.0’s death and now that I just cannot be bothered dealing with it. My kingdom for a simple blogging script. Or even better, a flatfile one! That I can export all these stupid WP entries to…*pokes HTMLy miserably*

The Ekka winds seem to have arrived late this year…

ひさしぶりやな 。

Been a while. What happened?

  • got a sinus infection, then got COVID. (yes, I am double-vaxxed, thank god.) I don’t think my body even knows what neutrophils are anymore.
  • been some shenanigans going on with my left leg — basically, it’s in a constant state of muscle cramp. can’t really say for sure what that it until I see a doc/get an ultrasound, but if it’s another DVT then I am gonna laugh my ass off because that will cement my theory that stress can cause them. if it’s, like…I dunno what else it could be, a torn muscle or something? Then I’ll just pout a lot.
  • bought some amazing new sneakers. I’ll take my dopamine in any possible form, okay.
  • started playing Pokémon Platinum, and it is kicking my ass. I don’t think that’s altogether a bad thing, but wooboy. The swearing involved in some of the boss battles I’ve done so far…
  • finally got my hands on some gloss sealer/finisher. MAKE ALL THE THINGS SHINY.

…that’s pretty much it. I’ve been creating a lot of stuff, making gifts for people, etc. I’ll upload them to my Pixey eventually. Whee.

a full suit of armour, and evening stars…

I am now officially double-vaxxed! What a relief. It hurts rather dreadfully to raise my arm, and I am not looking forwards to the further oncoming post-vax symptoms, but I dare say it’s better than enduring COVID-19! This also means I’m free to roam about, now (with a mask, of course). Not that I have overmuch of a need or want to do so, as of late, but still…the option is there if I need to take it.

In website news, I gave Evenstar — pka Vespera — the biggest overhaul of its coming-up-to-twenty-year life on Professor Tolkien’s birthday! New name, new layout, new address (…or an old address, if you’ve known me long enough ;P), new content, new affiliate…new, new, new! I’m astonished it’s still around, to be absolutely honest. The only websites I run that are older than Evenstar are Runaway Run (on indefinite hiatus) and World Spins Madly On (being pieced back together as we speak…and also pending a huge update for its own 20th anniversary, come late February).

I also think it’s the only non-abandoned Arwen fansite left on the web…the oldest and the last. It’s quite a melancholy thought, but it’s appropriate, in a sad way…

Yuquain yéni ar nótarië, húnir. :P