kinda more like “Myer” or “Boyd” tbph

Folks, I dislike JK Rowling with every fibre of my being, but can we clear something up? Her pen name actually belonging to the shitwit that created conversion “therapy” (torture is torture is torture) is overwhelmingly likely to be a really creepy coincidence.

Firstly, ‘Robert’ is one of the most popular names in Scotland, and also tends to be a family-name handed down — my OzScots ass has a family tree littered with Roberts for the boys and Lilliases for the girls. ‘Robert’ also tends to be one of the most popular names in the whole English-speaking world; it’s not what you’d call rare.

Also, in Scotland, if not the whole UK? Galbraith is not a rare name. It’s not madly common, but it’s definitely a surname that everyone has heard before, at least once or twice.

How do I know? Uh, because I am a Galbraith; or of the Galbraith line, if you want to get super technical about it. And I can tell you that right now, in the UK, there are probably about fifteen to twenty-five Robert Galbraiths in existence, if not more — that’s a conservative estimate.

So, no, it’s not like choosing “Adolf Hitler” for a pen name whatsoever. I’d probably wager that Rowling didn’t even know who created conversion therapy — few people did before this.

Guys, I get it. JK is a stain on humanity, but we really, really don’t have to reach for reasons as to why she is one. Especially not in an onomastic sense.

the wheel weaves as the wheel wills

So, I finished The Wheel of Time S1, and…wow. Very different canon from the book; I’m looking forward to seeing how this unfolds! (People that moan endlessly about how TV shows are different from books really are starting to puzzle me. I already know what’s happened in book-canon; I have no idea what’s going to happen with TV-canon! It’s more interesting that way!)

Favourite characters? Moiraine and Lan, natch. Both of whom are crazy gorgeous but oh my god, the things Rosamund Pike does to me…and in that scene, when she whispered “on your knees…”…I am never, ever gonna get over that. I would worship the fucking ground she walks on oh my Light– *ahem* Which is a bit weird, because bookwise, my favourite character is hands down Nynaeve. Show!Nynaeve is perfectly okay, just not as…feisty? Argumentative? as I thought she could have been portrayed. (Though maybe that’s a good thing, the ‘nerd’ dudebros don’t like it when the ladies should the barest hint of dissent towards anything. *cough*Galadrielgettingcalledagirlboss*coughcough*)

Least favourite? …still Egwene, so very solidly done there XD Rand is also just as dull, sulky, and boring as he is in the book, which amuses me. Perrin and Mat are completely different characters from who they used to be, so I can’t really compare their TV and book-selves. Oof, Perrin.  They really wanted to Kick the (Wolf-)Puppy with him, didn’t they? D:

Speaking of Rosamund Pike, the honey-voiced goddess she is…she’s the narrator for the new versions of the WoT audiobooks. Hold me back. Admittedly, I would listen to her read the goddamn phone book if I had half a chance, but I’d probably still get my hands on the new editions all the same; I didn’t like the swapping female-male narrators on the original, for the same reason I hate fully dramatised audiobooks. Give me one voice, let me connect to that voice, and let me drift off with my imagination. I don’t know if that’s because I was read to so much as a child or what, but there it is.

some facts, what spice!

Fact: unsweetened cranberry juice is revolting.

Fact: nerve pain is awful, please make it stop. My body is exhausted but I can’t sleep.

Fact: I made a thing! And did a words! Elrond having twinless twin feels will never not be relevant to me.

Fact: The neighbour saw an eastern brown slide into my yard and hide beneath the bonfire pile. Cue me avoiding that area of the yard for the next ten thousand years.
(Listen to your friendly local OzScot here: you do not eff around with eastern brown snakes. They are not cute and sweet snek friends. They are incredibly aggressive, extremely venomous, and responsible for 60% of snakebite deaths in the country. If you see one, you stand stock effing still and let it go do whatever it’s doing — probably hiding from you, but still. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200, do not disturb it or interact with it in any way.  Keep an eye on it, and when it’s safe, you get the hell out of there and call the snake-catcher if it’s near your home. Also, if your dog or cat has one bailed up, DO NOT DISTRACT YOUR PET. They are a thousand times more likely to get bitten if you distract them. Their snake instincts are way better than yours; just let them be and keep an eye on where they and the snake go.
…this PSA has been brought to you by my horrific fear of eastern browns.)

Fact: the online treatment of the Rings of Power cast is giving me flashbacks to my teenage years and being cyberbullied to within an inch of my life.
I hope every single person who has thrown abuse at any of these actors magically develops a condition that causes any internet service they use to stop working forever.

he of the star-dome

I…actually just had a weird revelation (for lack of a better word) about The Rings of Power.

I’m absolutely fascinated by Elrond Tarantino* — weirdly enough, it was seeing Robert Aramayo in action that solidified that; the man is poetry in motion and perfect for Elrond, even if the costume department keeps dragging its ass! And that voice, oh goodness — and am so looking forward to seeing his character really, really dug into. We only got glimpses of that in PJ’s Middle-earth movies, which is totally understandable, because he was such a minor character in those. And it’s a testament to how powerful an actor Hugo Weaving is that his movie depiction pretty much became the depiction of Elrond that I saw when I read the literature, but.

So. I got into a relationship that lead to engagement a few months after FotR’s release, and my then (now extremely ex) fiancée was completely obsessed with Elrond — well, really, she was obsessed with Hugo Weaving, and thus Elrond followed (and six months later when she had her brain eaten by Harry frickin’ Potter of all things, said “obsessions” were dropped like hot po-tay-toes, but hey, that’s what she does). I always wanted to like, dig into his character from a fandom perspective, you know? Like fic, art, opinion pieces, research, all that kinda stuff. But…I never really did, because the image of Elrond was always slightly tainted by this toxic waste spill pretending to be a person.

(Look, she lied about have cancer in order to passive-aggressively get me to be the one to break up with her. Then cheated on me, twice. And then had the fucking gall to email me several years later wailing about how I was her “greatest love story”. I do not have to spare her feelings whatsoever.)

But now…what with Elrond Tarantino…it’s like…not like a new Elrond, because I think Aramayo really captures that same essence that Weaving did, but like…it’s like the bad associations have been removed from him? So it’s like I can dive into fangirling without the bad memories (or just the exasperating ones). And I absolutely love that idea. Maybe I’ll make that Elrond fansite after all.



* yes, this was mocking, originally. now it’s pure hopeful fondness! ♥ (yup, I’m one of those annoyances that mocks the things she likes, with no mercy. y’all know how much I adore Nicky Wire from the sheer amount of times I’ve made fun of his dramatic cranky gorgeous ass.)

what’s red and silly?

I started playing Pokémon GO on the 5th! …right when I went to my doctor for the leg pain, because he didn’t know at the time what was wrong — it could have been a DVT or just simply a muscle tear.  So my doc gave me an ultrasound referral, and told me to just do light exercise in the meantime. So I figured, like, walking, yeah? And I’m on a Pokémon kick at the moment, so why not? excellent funtimes! (And I can send gifts to neechan and Fluff, too!)

So…got the ultrasound done ASAP. And, uh. yeah. I’ve got a DVT. Again.

Damn, huh.

I don’t know too many details about how large it is, what caused it, etc etc, because natch the sonographer doesn’t tell you much (which is legit; they’re not doctors), and my poor doc was having a hell of an evening so my follow-up was quick and to the point with the important stuff (although I heard him making little “oh dear” noises over the phone as he read the sonographer’s report, so I’m a wee bit concerned), that being getting my ass on anticoags. I’m on a very strong dose for a week, then on a mildly strong dose for…however long it takes before this damn thing to dissolve. which means limited movement for this week, no pushing myself, listen to my body if it doesn’t want to do something, and take a deep breath and just deal with the anticoag side-effects (luckily, they’re just the mild ones: dizziness, lethargy, and headache). But this means less walking than I wanted to do. :( There are at least four PokéStops within a mile of my house, dammit! I need me some Berries! I wanna hatch eggs! SCREM! (no, not a typo. SCREM.)

My theory as to the cause is stress. Got my first one last year after a severe bout of stress, and…well, second verse same as the first…and it has been proven that severe stress effects coagulation, so. Eh. What can you do? (…no, really, what can you do? Apart from “imbibe a lot of weed”, but I have no contacts…)

Oh well. Lots of time to rest. I have a pile of books to finish, Pokémon to play, and I’m so tempted to go on a Star Trek TNG marathon. Might just, actually…might dig my “Trek blanket” out of my crochet box and do that…I mean, I started it while marathonning TOS…

ひさしぶりやな 。

Been a while. What happened?

  • got a sinus infection, then got COVID. (yes, I am double-vaxxed, thank god.) I don’t think my body even knows what neutrophils are anymore.
  • been some shenanigans going on with my left leg — basically, it’s in a constant state of muscle cramp. can’t really say for sure what that it until I see a doc/get an ultrasound, but if it’s another DVT then I am gonna laugh my ass off because that will cement my theory that stress can cause them. if it’s, like…I dunno what else it could be, a torn muscle or something? Then I’ll just pout a lot.
  • bought some amazing new sneakers. I’ll take my dopamine in any possible form, okay.
  • started playing Pokémon Platinum, and it is kicking my ass. I don’t think that’s altogether a bad thing, but wooboy. The swearing involved in some of the boss battles I’ve done so far…
  • finally got my hands on some gloss sealer/finisher. MAKE ALL THE THINGS SHINY.

…that’s pretty much it. I’ve been creating a lot of stuff, making gifts for people, etc. I’ll upload them to my Pixey eventually. Whee.

a full suit of armour, and evening stars…

I am now officially double-vaxxed! What a relief. It hurts rather dreadfully to raise my arm, and I am not looking forwards to the further oncoming post-vax symptoms, but I dare say it’s better than enduring COVID-19! This also means I’m free to roam about, now (with a mask, of course). Not that I have overmuch of a need or want to do so, as of late, but still…the option is there if I need to take it.

In website news, I gave Evenstar — pka Vespera — the biggest overhaul of its coming-up-to-twenty-year life on Professor Tolkien’s birthday! New name, new layout, new address (…or an old address, if you’ve known me long enough ;P), new content, new affiliate…new, new, new! I’m astonished it’s still around, to be absolutely honest. The only websites I run that are older than Evenstar are Runaway Run (on indefinite hiatus) and World Spins Madly On (being pieced back together as we speak…and also pending a huge update for its own 20th anniversary, come late February).

I also think it’s the only non-abandoned Arwen fansite left on the web…the oldest and the last. It’s quite a melancholy thought, but it’s appropriate, in a sad way…

Yuquain yéni ar nótarië, húnir. :P

beyond faith, beyond reason

Oh, yes. Finished The Secret Commonwealth…either yesterday or the night before it, and I just. Just.

I don’t know what to say, really. It wasn’t perfect (there seemed some mild inconsistencies with dæmon ‘mechanics’, for lack of a better term, that were introduced in HDM…but again, we saw those things almost solely through Lyra’s purview as a child, and she’s now an adult and privy to things she just didn’t know as a child, so…), but I loved it, and…it punched me right in the heart, and I needed it to.

“Had reason ever created a poem, or a symphony, or a painting? If rationality can’t see things like the secret commonwealth, it’s because rationality’s vision is limited. The secret commonwealth is there. We can’t see it with rationality any more than we can weigh something with a microscope: It’s the wrong sort of instrument. We need to imagine as well as measure.”

You know what I love the most about the book? Is that this is absolutely not a children’s book. Lyra grew up and the original readers grew up, too, and it honestly feels like Philip Pullman wrote this for us, which is admittedly ridiculous, but. I feel a little more anchored in the world because this book exists. Isn’t that weird?

The spoilery things below the jump~

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