canon? in what universe?

Dear anyone: no, Peter Jackson’s adaptions of LotR were not good movies because he “stuck to the canon”, because no he did fucking not sunshine, they were good movies because they were made with love and care and dedication by people who loved their jobs. Canon was not held as highly as y’all thought, and I say that as someone who adores those movies, and believes that media in general would be so much poorer without them.

But canon was handwaved whenever it got in the way, negl. There is a reason Christopher Tolkien loathed the movies. Don’t bullshit me. I read these books every time I get depressed, I know them like the back of my hand. The movies were astonishingly brilliant, but they sure as fuck were not canon.

Kung Fu-tse says:

It is wiser to gargle plutonium than to try and get a performative woke-cloaker to realise that “all rape is bad unless one of my friends did it, then she’s just a mental bitch playing victim” is not a good look. Not even when you attempt to back it up with a Bible verse.

People with integrity
don’t even think about it.
That’s how you can tell
they have integrity.
Other people talk about
how much integrity they have,
when they really don’t have much.
If any.

cherry picks

I’ve sat on this for the better part of a week now, waiting for my temper to cool so I could communicate more effectively, and also to see if my feelings changed at all. While the former has happened, the latter has not, so…onwards, I suppose.

I’m a little bit miffed with The Anime Fanlistings at the moment, to put it…delicately.

So, recently, one of my wishlisted fanlistings were open for application; naturally I applied. There were a few others that were recently closed that I applied for, as well — not particularly popular characters (does anyone care about Deed-chan? …well, they should, she’s badass :P), but I don’t apply for listings I don’t want. I wouldn’t find the drive to create them, otherwise.

When I got knocked back for the wishlisted one, plus another I was hoping so much to get, I was in a pretty bad headspace, so it was a blow, but I didn’t take it overly personally after the dust settled, and I had the unpopular characters approved (surprise surprise…) but I did say something half-jokingly in an aside on my microblog — I swear, if a staffer ends up with one of those listings I was knocked back for…

…turns out I can see the future.

I’m just…not horribly amused about it. Especially considering that said staffer runs the category the fanlisting is in. They also run a massive number of other incredibly popular character listings, as well, which…

Look, not to put too fine a point on it, that pisses me off. That’s unfair. That seems like favouritism in its most blatant sense. The network in general can go on and on about how of course there isn’t anything like that happening, but…really? Really? It’s mere chance that the staffer for that category runs the most popular fanlistings in said category? Over and over and over?

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

Like, I don’t think that staffers should be forced to give up all the FLs they already run when they become $CATEGORY_HERE staffers; that wouldn’t be fair. But I think if you’re the staffer…you shouldn’t be allowed to apply for more in the category you run. (If that even happens — I’ve heard some insiders tell me things that make me raise my eyebrows, and I know for all TFL’s prating that they don’t award FLs on a first-come-first-serve basis, “we hold all applications for at least a week!” — that’s an outright lie). They have an unfair advantage in spades right there.

Not wholly sure I had any grand point to make, nor do I think this will result in anything seeing as I have, like…three people who read this thing, and none of them are FL makers themselves, so. Just wanted to vent a bit, I guess. Some things have changed in the wake of Web 2.0, but the general attitude of the anime domain design community never will. If you’d have told my seventeen-year-old self I’d be ticked off with this sort of behaviour this far into the future, I don’t think she would have believed you.

These people are all the same age as I am, no less.

Hooray for the Wired, or something.

I am so, so sick of this.

“Boohoohoo, Taylor Swift only writes song about her own experiences!”

Oh my sweet stars.

Look, I am ambiguous on Swift the woman, not overly fond of Swift the product, love some of her music, am “eh” on the rest of it, but: SHUT THE HELL UP. Artists do not exist to serve YOU. We make art about whatever the hell we want and have no other obligations; any other expectations you have are ON. YOU. Deal with them yourself.

If you don’t like Swift’s confessional music, here’s a thought: DON’T. LISTEN. TO IT. Don’t give her your money if you don’t like it! She isn’t beholden to you or me or anyone else other than herself.

“The poet’s vow is to–” NO. STOP. Any poet’s vow is THEIR OWN.

If you want a song written about a certain topic? WRITE IT YOURSELF.

You people have made me defend Taylor Swift. Stars above.

days & days

Clean slate, maybe, but the pain still rankles…and my own stupidity keeps coming back to slap me in the face. I am so…I want to say naïve, but I don’t even think it’s that — I’m just outright stupid. It never occurred to me once that if someone is saying they have the same rather rare physical/life features as you do (I’m trying to stay vague so as not to spill my own dirty laundry all over the place), on more than one occasion…they’re probably just saying it to get you onside, so to speak. I have no idea why you’d do that, it seems something a seven-year-old would do (remember when you wanted to be JUST LIKE your best friend?), or someone completely lacking any emotional maturity…and because I don’t know why someone would do that, I don’t know when it’s happening, because I’m not even taking that into consideration. How unbelievably foolish of me.

(Tell you what, I completely understand what Tolkien said when he stated that Sauron never expected anyone to want to destroy the One Ring, because he couldn’t see why anyone would. God help me, I’m as dumb as a dark lord. Moral of the story: expect the unexpected. Like the Spanish Inquisition.)

Anyway, onto vastly nicer things: yesterday was migraine day. Surprise! It took two hits of the Good Stuff (…by which I mean moderately strong painkillers, sigh) four hours apart to kill, and even then it was a bit touch-and-go for a while there. What caused it? Heck if I know! 😀 Probably stress. Living in the same vicinity as people you would occasionally like to strangle some sense into will do that to you, apparently. That, and a doggo who cannot shut up to save his adorable kelpie life, bless him.

(I’m remembering when the most likely cause of my migraines was TransLink, once upon a lifetime ago, and not even going to lie, I kind of want to curl up and cry for three hours.)

First day off in a while…what am I gonna do? No idea. I’ve got a whole list of things I need to do, and lately, for some weird reason, it’s as if I can’t concentrate on any of them? It’s not that I don’t want to — good grief, I do, I want some of this stuff finished ARGH — but it’s like…I sit down, think “okay, I’m gonna work on X, and only on X, until I make a dint in its progress!”, and that works…for about five minutes. Then I’m back to kind of floating between X, Y, and Z (and every other bloody letter of the alphabet) and not really getting anything done. It’s weird. I make lists and rank things by importance, but…nope. No grounding, all floating. It’s really weird.

I shall, however, attempt to master it yet again. ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH, etc.

band x is shit and you suck for liking them

there are only a few things that get me more heated than music-shaming. “oh, why do you listen to [x], they’re shit?” in YOUR opinion. and that’s fine! i have a long list of bands or artists that i also think are absolute shit and sometimes i think if i personally have to sit through one more of their songs i’ll jump in a full bathtub with my favourite toaster but you are out of your fucking mind if you think i will shame ANYONE for listening to them or liking them themselves. music is wholly, wholly subjective. what one person can’t stand more than 15 seconds of can allow another person to ascend the sky on steps of fire or is a balm to a broken heart and that is fucking fine, you judgmental fucking asshat. judge people on how they treat animals and other people, not on what they fucking listen to. it’s just revolting behaviour.

He’d believed most of his life that you didn’t have to be cool to appreciate music, that it didn’t even matter if someone liked uncool music. That was one of the things that had driven him crazy about Kris Rolle and his bandmates, that youthful certainty that there was good music and bad music and that they knew which was which. “Bullshit,” he’d told them once. “A teenage girl creaming while she listens to some boy-band, a monk digging on the God he hears in Gregorian chants, or John fucking Coltrane himself climbing up into the sky on a staircase made of sixteenth notes, it’s all the same. If it takes you there, it’s good.”
— Tad Williams, The War of the Flowers