yeah it’s coming soon at a cinema near you

Everyone knows, nobody cares
Fear lost behind hidden intent
Whispering like nature’s discontent

Hope has a home we can’t find anymore…
Hope has a home it can’t find anymore…

I placed a bet and lied

Things I had no idea I spent nearly eleven years waiting for: this remix.

Life sucks, but the Manics never will. Ever.

take my hand as they play our song again

I have watched as all my dreams went walking out the door
And I think I deserve just a little more

In front of total strangers, won’t you kiss me?
Flowers for no reason but you miss me
Oh…I want to be in love


The only time I exist is when I sing.

The only time I’m happy. When the world stops, and the music starts, and I lift my voice. My instrument for life. My magic. My secret. My heart, soul, blood, reason.

The rain pours on the roof and the people are screaming and the noise is endless, but I can sing. I can fly. I have wings.

When I sing with you, I’m giving you a part of my soul. We share the same soul, when we sing together. If I am close to the music, and you are close to the music, then we are close to each other — and we may not even know it. The bond is invisible and glows heart-red. The bond is adamantine.

Music is Goddess. There is nothing higher. There is nothing holier. Music is Goddess, and when I sing, I touch the Goddess’s face. All Her faces, in all Her glories.

That which brought me an indelible sorrow is the only thing that brings peace and relief, now, as I’m trapped in hell.

I can still sing.

If nothing else, I can still sing.

I turn the music up, I got my records onI shut the world outside until the lights come onMaybe the street’s alight, maybe the trees are goneI feel my heart start beatin’ to my favourite song
And all the kids they dance, all the kids, all nightUntil Monday mornin’ feels another lifeI turn the music up, I’m on a roll this timeAnd heaven is in sight…

and never brought to mind

couple of songs for you, on this final day. (Also Spotify, for you astonishingly boring herberts who don’t understand the joy of mp3 collecting.)

Seeing as the beginning of this year was (literally) scarring, this evening I shall be doing very little and won’t tempt fate; coding for both business and pleasure, listening to some good tunes, setting up my various journals, and working on my solo D&D campaign. (Yes, it is possible.)

Stay safe tonight, beloveds. ♥


It’s the season of grace coming out of the void
Where man is saved by a voice in the distance
It’s the season of possible miracle cures
Where hope is currency and death is not the last unknown
Where time begins to fade, and age is welcome home

It’s the season of eyes meeting over the noise
And holding fast with sharp realization
It’s the season of cold making warmth a divine intervention:
“You are safe here; you know now.”

It’s the season of scars and of wounds in the heart
Of feeling the full weight of our burdens
It’s the season of bowing our heads in the wind
And knowing we are not alone in fear,
Not alone in the dark…

Don’t forget, don’t forget, I love, I love, I love you.

“…take my hand, we’ll be able to fly…”

Pain is a bitch. Pain makes you hate everyone and everything, and I hate that, too. Full circle. Fuck pain, especially neuro-pain. Real entry about nothing at all when I don’t feel like crying. Woke up with this flawless piece in my head, so that’s Song of the Day, just in case I don’t write any further today.

The only thing that I don’t hate is music. And friends. Yup.

band x is shit and you suck for liking them

there are only a few things that get me more heated than music-shaming. “oh, why do you listen to [x], they’re shit?” in YOUR opinion. and that’s fine! i have a long list of bands or artists that i also think are absolute shit and sometimes i think if i personally have to sit through one more of their songs i’ll jump in a full bathtub with my favourite toaster but you are out of your fucking mind if you think i will shame ANYONE for listening to them or liking them themselves. music is wholly, wholly subjective. what one person can’t stand more than 15 seconds of can allow another person to ascend the sky on steps of fire or is a balm to a broken heart and that is fucking fine, you judgmental fucking asshat. judge people on how they treat animals and other people, not on what they fucking listen to. it’s just revolting behaviour.

He’d believed most of his life that you didn’t have to be cool to appreciate music, that it didn’t even matter if someone liked uncool music. That was one of the things that had driven him crazy about Kris Rolle and his bandmates, that youthful certainty that there was good music and bad music and that they knew which was which. “Bullshit,” he’d told them once. “A teenage girl creaming while she listens to some boy-band, a monk digging on the God he hears in Gregorian chants, or John fucking Coltrane himself climbing up into the sky on a staircase made of sixteenth notes, it’s all the same. If it takes you there, it’s good.”
— Tad Williams, The War of the Flowers

if nothing else, we still have music

song of the day for yesterday: come on, it has to be kookie’s “seven”. (people on the hellbirdsite being all “omg, jungkook’s the first one to sing about sex explicitly! (cue either thinly-veiled disgust or thirst levels becoming critical)”, while i’m over here with my RM bias being like, “DOES NAMJOON NOT EXIST TO YOU?!” because real ARMYs know e x a c t l y to what i am referring, js. :3) bad bunny out here breaking records like he was born to do it. as i mentioned on my retrospring to a non, i do in fact like mochimin’s “like crazy” a lot better, but negl this is a bop and a grower.

song of the day for today: icehouse’s cover of “sister europe”, for no other reason than it’s stuck in my head. sometimes that’s all sotd is, honestly. (this is a quality cover, though, don’t get me remotely wrong.)

in other news, there’s been a gas leak in my residence which gave me a sore throat and a headache, which is why sotd was late. hooray? why not.