do it now!

It’s childish of me, but if someone keeps refreshing one of my cliques literally 20 times in an hour waiting for me to update it, I kind of feel like gritting my teeth and making them wait a week until I add them. It’s like the digital equivalent of being tailgated and slowing down in response.

I’d get it if I was using at automated joining system like for a fanlisting, but all my cliques are run entirely by hand — manually, if you will. I can’t just drop everything I’m doing and add someone the instant their application hits my inbox. Also, it makes sense to wait until a few application emails come through, and to do them all at once to save time and frustration.

(Also, it’s just a webclique application, not a call to 000. It’s just a fun little timewaster at the end of the day, your appearing on the members’ list is not remotely time-sensitive.)

Between layout thefts, resource misappropriation, non-linking, refusal to read rules, and this thing, I’m getting really, really sick of how entitled the majority of Neocities users are. Lain didn’t give up her physical presence for this shit.

(& yes, I’m super grumpy because this headache refuses to either go away or turn into a proper migraine, and has been doing so for the past 12 hours.)

well, that was…irritating.

fasl;kfjda FINALLY, uNU is back. Not that I have anything to say, except “argh I wish the nunames (or whoever) people wouldn’t waste mine AND my lovely hosting service’s time, and would send emails that should be sent”, but still.

Still waiting for a whole bunch of others to come back online, including the backend, but at least Wings and uNU are working. And of course TFL got on my ass less than 24 hours after the initial go-down, but who’s surprised there.

cherry picks

I’ve sat on this for the better part of a week now, waiting for my temper to cool so I could communicate more effectively, and also to see if my feelings changed at all. While the former has happened, the latter has not, so…onwards, I suppose.

I’m a little bit miffed with The Anime Fanlistings at the moment, to put it…delicately.

So, recently, one of my wishlisted fanlistings were open for application; naturally I applied. There were a few others that were recently closed that I applied for, as well — not particularly popular characters (does anyone care about Deed-chan? …well, they should, she’s badass :P), but I don’t apply for listings I don’t want. I wouldn’t find the drive to create them, otherwise.

When I got knocked back for the wishlisted one, plus another I was hoping so much to get, I was in a pretty bad headspace, so it was a blow, but I didn’t take it overly personally after the dust settled, and I had the unpopular characters approved (surprise surprise…) but I did say something half-jokingly in an aside on my microblog — I swear, if a staffer ends up with one of those listings I was knocked back for…

…turns out I can see the future.

I’m just…not horribly amused about it. Especially considering that said staffer runs the category the fanlisting is in. They also run a massive number of other incredibly popular character listings, as well, which…

Look, not to put too fine a point on it, that pisses me off. That’s unfair. That seems like favouritism in its most blatant sense. The network in general can go on and on about how of course there isn’t anything like that happening, but…really? Really? It’s mere chance that the staffer for that category runs the most popular fanlistings in said category? Over and over and over?

Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

Like, I don’t think that staffers should be forced to give up all the FLs they already run when they become $CATEGORY_HERE staffers; that wouldn’t be fair. But I think if you’re the staffer…you shouldn’t be allowed to apply for more in the category you run. (If that even happens — I’ve heard some insiders tell me things that make me raise my eyebrows, and I know for all TFL’s prating that they don’t award FLs on a first-come-first-serve basis, “we hold all applications for at least a week!” — that’s an outright lie). They have an unfair advantage in spades right there.

Not wholly sure I had any grand point to make, nor do I think this will result in anything seeing as I have, like…three people who read this thing, and none of them are FL makers themselves, so. Just wanted to vent a bit, I guess. Some things have changed in the wake of Web 2.0, but the general attitude of the anime domain design community never will. If you’d have told my seventeen-year-old self I’d be ticked off with this sort of behaviour this far into the future, I don’t think she would have believed you.

These people are all the same age as I am, no less.

Hooray for the Wired, or something.

medical hiatus; mission critical




Basically, everything that doesn’t spark enough joy currently will be put on hiatus (or closed). Quite obviously I’m immersing myself in all things Tolkien, seeing as I’m slowly finding delight in my Middle-earth again; one that I don’t have to share with lying fairweather ‘friends’. (No, I’m not sorry — if you want me to say nice things about you, ACT BETTER.)

Pretty sure today that the internet was a net, ha, loss for humanity, but what can you do.

well, still. pretty good year.

Birthday was a birthday. Most people, including one immediate blood relative, forgot it happened. Oh well. Those who did remember are my favourites. So there!

I got an Eevee, a sleeping Kirby, socks, and a gardening set.  Good times! (No, not being sarcastic. It’s a lot more than I expected and I like all of it so much. ♥)

Trying to smush my writing and personal site together onto Neocities again, but I’m so mentally bombed out that inspiration’s lying thin on the ground at the moment. I’m so glad that this hit after clearing out my to-do list for the month, but it still sucks. I feel horrific and I can’t even distract myself with creation. Utter BS.

at this point, geocities was honestly more tolerable.

the nerve of some people. so, someone on neocities (what a surprise!) was direct-linking to my header images for a couple of cliques i run. sigh, turn on direct-link protection. a little annoying, but no big deal, ultimately.

only to find that said person has now SAVED THE HEADERS and uploaded them to their own website, and has a disclaimer on their splash page that amounts to “lol, all the images on my site are hosted on imgur so feel free to steal them!”

excuse you?

seriously, i am this close — this. close. — to just, like…putting up a disclaimer on my site that says “if you have a neocities website, please get the hell off mine and stay ten gigabytes away from me at all times, and keep your grabby little paws to yourself”, because my stars, the entitled BS that most of its idiot users pull…

(which would be horribly unfair, because there are absolute gems in the mire and muck that is NC; they’re just largely quiet, keep to themselves, and are overlooked by the algorithm your average idiot nostalgian goes on and on and on about how they’re rejecting. but whenever i have a disagreement with someone about what they can and can’t do with content that isn’t theirs? it’s always sodding NEOCITIES.)

it’s nothing personal, babe

there’s always a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when i have to reject someone for the aromatic clique lately. it’s like, okay, prepare for the argument about why $X_PERSON should be the only exception to the rules about accessibility and why they can read their site so surely everyone else has no trouble with it and just…i wanna hide. it’s not a personal thing. the rules are the rules and i can’t make exceptions for one person. it doesn’t mean i hate you or think you’re shit or whatever, i’m just sick of fucking squinting at my gigantic screen and i cannot be the only person. god help me if i was on laptop or mobile.

i just don’t wanna argue with anyone. i’m tired and i’m sad.

anyway i’m in a really bad way and won’t be surprised if i end up in the hospital tomorrow, but illness does this sometimes. i’m half-tempted to pack a bag tonight and that’ll take some of the stress off for tomorrow…but i’m exhausted at the moment so moving is difficult. (i just used up any energy i had trying to get a moth out of the room. partially worked.)

i think i’ll just return to ff6 and dragons of autumn twilight on audiobook for the time being. (i’m doing boring lore-finding for strago on the veldt; i don’t need the soundtrack for that lest i end up loathing the veldt theme forever.)

caps are for people who aren’t so exhausted they’d happily curl up on the nearest flat surface on any plane of existence if they were promised they’d get a solid 36 hours of sleep out of it.

we set the stars to dancing in the night sky

I’m going to post this entry and then I’m not going to look at a single other line of code until at least 11am tomorrow morning — I’ve been HTMLing away all day! 😀 I’ve been working on my Secret Santa’s gift, and on these two! I’m especially happy about those two, because I adopted them from someone I was sure didn’t like me (or found me petty at the very least), and I was sure they’d tell me what I could do with myself. But I was worried about nothing! There’s no bad blood between us, they’re a lovely person from what I’ve seen, and I’m actually kind of embarrassed as how anxious I was sending off the initial emails, now ^^;; Haha, paranoid Rin is eternally paranoid, but all’s well that end’s well! I’ll take very good care of the listings for as long as I have them ♥

A load of witchy goodness, mostly journal-related, came in the mail today~ Including candles! Gasp. There’s a first for me. I’ve never been much into candle magick (despite being a witch since I was 17…), maybe a stray spell here or there, but the candle has never been one of my preferred magickal tools. I have forty coloured candles in my goodies chest, now, mostly for Colourwork reasons (I’ll elaborate more on that either later, or on a purposefully witchy blog I’ll set up at some point). We’ll see how it all goes, but I’m hopeful it’ll be fulfilling.

It’s been a difficult day painwise (physio visit was NOT an immediate help with that, let me tell you, but I suppose stuff has to get more painful before it can get better), and it was disgustingly hot without warning (thanks for nothing, BOM!), but I’m happy all the same. It’s been a productive day and I hope the rest of the evening will be relaxing. Back to it after eleven tomorrow, like I said! But until then, I think I’ll just laze about in front of the telly and crochet. ♥

doing the best with what we can

Not out of the woods yet, but at least the financial panic has abated (thanks to the generosity of some beautiful, beautiful people…I honestly cannot describe in words how thankful I am) and I’ve been medicated, so I’m sitting in a pleasant clearing, at least. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday evening and without going into too much detail (the majority of it incredibly boring, really), I’ll just say that it left me unhappy, but at least with five free physio visits. Take the little pieces of good and cling to them like a lamprey.

(Also, if at all possible: try to never fall down the stairs. Life tip #1. Arwen’s Good Advice Book, being published by Oh God Spare Us All Press in 2024!)

I joined the TFL Secret Santa, because I loved the idea of making website goodies for someone, and I wanted to make friends, but I’m actually kind of wondering, now, if that was the best idea I’ve ever had. I think two people participating don’t like me, and certain other TFL ex-staff may have a had a word in someone else’s ear about how awful and evil and terrible I am, so…I might be making things for someone who actively dislikes me. Oh well, I guess. I don’t actually dislike any of the participants (except for one, who couldn’t even bring their grievance with me to me so I could clear the air, but instead took it to Twitter and the message boards…and even then, it’s not really dislike — I don’t know them. It’s more exasperation with their actions), and I suppose they don’t have to like me, either, really. I just have to make good gifts for my Secret Santa receiver (…Santee? that sounds a bit odd…). That was part of what I agreed to do when I signed up; make good quality gifts for anyone I was assigned to. And that’s what I’ll do, to the very best of my ability.

Think I might go have a cup of Christmas tea. ‘Tis the season, after all. 🙂