we set the stars to dancing in the night sky

I’m going to post this entry and then I’m not going to look at a single other line of code until at least 11am tomorrow morning — I’ve been HTMLing away all day! 😀 I’ve been working on my Secret Santa’s gift, and on these two! I’m especially happy about those two, because I adopted them from someone I was sure didn’t like me (or found me petty at the very least), and I was sure they’d tell me what I could do with myself. But I was worried about nothing! There’s no bad blood between us, they’re a lovely person from what I’ve seen, and I’m actually kind of embarrassed as how anxious I was sending off the initial emails, now ^^;; Haha, paranoid Rin is eternally paranoid, but all’s well that end’s well! I’ll take very good care of the listings for as long as I have them ♥

A load of witchy goodness, mostly journal-related, came in the mail today~ Including candles! Gasp. There’s a first for me. I’ve never been much into candle magick (despite being a witch since I was 17…), maybe a stray spell here or there, but the candle has never been one of my preferred magickal tools. I have forty coloured candles in my goodies chest, now, mostly for Colourwork reasons (I’ll elaborate more on that either later, or on a purposefully witchy blog I’ll set up at some point). We’ll see how it all goes, but I’m hopeful it’ll be fulfilling.

It’s been a difficult day painwise (physio visit was NOT an immediate help with that, let me tell you, but I suppose stuff has to get more painful before it can get better), and it was disgustingly hot without warning (thanks for nothing, BOM!), but I’m happy all the same. It’s been a productive day and I hope the rest of the evening will be relaxing. Back to it after eleven tomorrow, like I said! But until then, I think I’ll just laze about in front of the telly and crochet. ♥