Arwen is an elven maid born on the Ides of March (Noldo as all hell); a poet and a budding Tolkien scholar, wishing forever for mélamar. She tries to be elegant and graceful but is mostly failing there. She is a witch, a Dao cultivator, a trauma survivor, and a pain in the backside — though she really doesn’t mean to be. She has no idea what she wants out of the future; she’s actually not even sure it exists. She has a lifelong passion for everything Middle-earth, a long-lived preoccupation with Heian Japan and traditional Japanese aesthetics, and will try her hand at almost all handicrafts under the sun, no matter how bad she is at them.

In short: she is happiest with inkstained fingers, beautiful music in her ears, a sweet milky coffee close at hand, and a head full of dreams. She is also very tired, over the whole talking in third person thing, and would still like another coffee, please.


  • alias, apt to change: Arwen/Rin
  • real name: …fine, I’ll do your homework for you: Kirryn Lillias Arwen Todd.
  • epessë: Fíriel Olorindë
  • nicknames: River, Kirin, Rin, Rinnie, Cassie, Misa, Kiki, K, September
  • birthday: 15 March
  • zodiac: Pisces sun, Capricorn moon, Gemini rising
  • blood type: A+
  • alignment: Chaotic Good
  • location: the September City, Queensland, AU
  • faith: Wiccan Daoist
  • languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Welsh, Quenya
  • allergies: garlic (yes, seriously.)
  • wants to visit: Kyoto, Byron Bay
  • (bad) habit: playing with hair
  • image song: “Silent All These Years”, Tori Amos

yay! ❤️

LEGENDARIUM (esp. Frodo & Arwen) / dolls / writing / static hobby websites + creative web revival / (art)journaling / crochet / ocean conservation / etymology & linguistics / iced mocha latte / calligraphy / singing / tiramisu / coffee / winter strawberries / winter in general / jacaranda trees / collecting stationery / snail mail letters / PHP making digital life easier / sleeping peacefully

nay! 💔

demyelination / chronic pain / the “yesterweb” cult / migraines / psychosis / anxiety / assholes who use ‘schizo(phrenic)’ as a pejorative / bad webdesign poorly disguised as ‘nostalgia’ / Xerox webdesign / bigoted and judgemental Christians / ‘van life’ / TikTok/ green beans / carrots / JK Rowling and everything to do with her / edgelords / chuds who can’t stfu about how they don’t like $THING because it’s ‘GONE WOKE!’ / liars / users / fair-weather ‘friends’ / sticky-fingered Neocities denizens / rapists and their shite poetry / TAFL & their favouritism


  • feeling – broken
  • fixating on – Rings of Power and Sailor Moon…over and over and over…
  • working on – the Wings relaunch. getting there very slowly…
  • reading – everything’s been bookmarked for the moment ><;; how can I not concentrate on reading, it doesn’t seem normal…
  • listening to – Andy Serkis’ reading of The Silmarillion and the Appendices of LotR, largely for comfort purposes…yes, still.
  • watching – nothing, currently…see above wrt reading. I hate this. D:
  • playingSM:AS, and many many games of Wingspan. I’ve gotten good enough to battle the AI on hard mode! …the Automata? Not quite yet. >_>;;
  • wishing – nope.
  • looking forward to – August 29! (Or, well, my August 30.) RINGS! OF! POWERRRRRRR!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Elrond Elrond Elrond I miss you~
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