the weblog

Bittersweet Hereafter is, essentially, a blog about nothing — nothing of consequence to anyone other than its author. Opened on September 22nd, 2001, it’s been online in various forms and in various places for…ever. Obviously. There is no real theme to this weblog, because when it was started, it was more than okay to just have a blog where you spilled your daily thoughts and talked about things that interested you — a theme wasn’t needed. Comments weren’t even an option originally. Engagement didn’t matter.

Perhaps it only exists now out of habit, or a misguided clinging to the past, or maybe it’s just waiting for the world to return to itself. Or become something better than it currently is. Who could say? Maybe it’s too emotional or maybe it’s too cryptic. I don’t know. I can’t change it.

Something can only be what it’s meant to be.

the title

I have no idea where I picked it from, all those years ago — I just liked the sound of it, and it’s stuck rather fast. My younger self decided to abbreviate it as “BsHa”, which also stuck.

the blogger

Goodness me, why bother?

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