sure, Jan.


TFL does not approve fanlistings on a first-come first-served basis. We feel that that would be rather unfair! Applications are held for at least a week, and then the staffer goes through each application to try and select the best owner.

It’s hilarious how TFL thinks this makes them sound Fair And Balanced™ 😂 This wouldn’t lead to friends of TFL staff being granted the cherry FLs, no, of course not! They would never~

(Also: a liiiiiiiiie~ I applied for a certain FL subject once and was approved in three days. Go figure.)

may you live in ugly times.

Creating fanlistings has been such a belittling, nasty, backstabbing, competitive, petty, childish, and overall ugly experience that I honestly wonder if it’s worth the three seconds’ glance anyone gives any of my work.

eh, whatever.

Never going to understand why someone would join any of my fanlistings if they think I’m Satan (correction: I’m actually just his secretary), but hey,  if I’ve learned one thing about T(A)FL over the last three years is that they attract a very interesting breed of people.

Go fucking figure, I guess.