pixel pixies

I have nothing of any remote interest to report, as I’m sure everyone is used to by now.

I made some elvish sprites!

Arwen: angel dress, riding outfit, farewell dress, dream gown

Galadriel: in Númenor, and in the 3rd Age

I’ll throw them up on the pixel site as soon as I’m finished redesigning it. Shouldn’t be too long, I hope.


well, still. pretty good year.

Birthday was a birthday. Most people, including one immediate blood relative, forgot it happened. Oh well. Those who did remember are my favourites. So there!

I got an Eevee, a sleeping Kirby, socks, and a gardening set.  Good times! (No, not being sarcastic. It’s a lot more than I expected and I like all of it so much. ♥)

Trying to smush my writing and personal site together onto Neocities again, but I’m so mentally bombed out that inspiration’s lying thin on the ground at the moment. I’m so glad that this hit after clearing out my to-do list for the month, but it still sucks. I feel horrific and I can’t even distract myself with creation. Utter BS.


apparently, it’s March.

just this morning while i walked up to the letterbox, i thought, this is great, the ground’s finally drying up and i won’t have to dodge puddles and mud anymore!

two storms later, returning to the tin can literally walking through ankle-deep water: nevermind.

my kingdom to return to bloody suburbia and concrete fields. i did my time slogging through constant mud, rain, and biting insects seven thousand years ago, it wasn’t romantic and earthy and cottagecore then, and it isn’t now, either.

i would even have the literal criminal neighbours over everything i’ve endured over the past two and a half years, and i feel like a complete fucking moron for ever thinking it was unbearable. you didn’t know what unbearable even was, idiot child.

this sucks

aestivation, stat.

god, i despise summer with every fibre of my being. can’t i just sleep until the weather starts behaving in a civilised manner (ie, stays 26ºC or lower and the humidity takes a hike)? i don’t understand how i’m like…anti-accustomed to this. for someone who grew up in the subtropics, i should be immune to this, or at least just find it a minor inconvenience, not five months’ worth of life-stops-brain-dies BS.

i love brisbane so much, and the thought of leaving her at all makes me sad (with the approaching five-ring-circus coming to town, it may end up a necessity, moneywise), but damn if most of her summers aren’t just sunshine brutality.

or maybe it’s just that they’re intolerable when i have nothing to do while they occur, which…makes sense. summer ’16/’17 was the happiest i’ve ever been for an extended period.

the Wired

at this point, geocities was honestly more tolerable.

the nerve of some people. so, someone on neocities (what a surprise!) was direct-linking to my header images for a couple of cliques i run. sigh, turn on direct-link protection. a little annoying, but no big deal, ultimately.

only to find that said person has now SAVED THE HEADERS and uploaded them to their own website, and has a disclaimer on their splash page that amounts to “lol, all the images on my site are hosted on imgur so feel free to steal them!”

excuse you?

seriously, i am this close — this. close. — to just, like…putting up a disclaimer on my site that says “if you have a neocities website, please get the hell off mine and stay ten gigabytes away from me at all times, and keep your grabby little paws to yourself”, because my stars, the entitled BS that most of its idiot users pull…

(which would be horribly unfair, because there are absolute gems in the mire and muck that is NC; they’re just largely quiet, keep to themselves, and are overlooked by the algorithm your average idiot nostalgian goes on and on and on about how they’re rejecting. but whenever i have a disagreement with someone about what they can and can’t do with content that isn’t theirs? it’s always sodding NEOCITIES.)




“She’s found a family that understands her at a time of experiencing a relentless depression and loneliness, and that, like any illness, could very well have meant the end of [her], had she not found a tribe willing to take her in. Would she even really survive, returning to modern civilisation? Her fate very well may have ended the same as her sister, in that case, taking her own life as a result of this depression. At least with the Hårga, Dani experiences some actual happiness. Even if she’s chosen at random to be sacrificed for some stupid ritual only a week after the movie ends, we could still argue that even the briefest experience of pure happiness is a better fate than returning to where you don’t belong, to further deteriorate in isolation. She may have withered away and died in darkness, without ever having known the light of life.”

— “Why The Midsommar Discourse Misses the Point”, Terror Formed