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My hair, naturally, is hobbit-esque. (This is an actual picture of me as a baby!) It’s also long (though not as long as it used to be…yet!), which drags out the curl quiiiite a bit, so I looked into the Curly Girl Method, and I’m…a little baffled, to be quite honest. It goes on and on about having healthy curls, but…stressing my hair out with scrunch-drying and leave-in curl gels is the exact opposite of encouraging health — I’m sorry, but under no circumstances is “crunchy” a texture goal for hair! Also, apparently it puts a blanket ban on silicones, oils, and dyes. Now, silicones I can understand…to a point. A lot of people’s hair doesn’t like silicones, but some people’s hair LOVES them. Oils, too — my hair drinks up coconut oil and turns into a silken dream at the application of argan oil. And as far not dyeing…? Oh dear. To be completely honest with you, that was actually the breaking point for me ^^; But I can promise you from experience that it’s completely possible to have regularly dyed hair that’s ALSO incredibly healthy! I’ve been regularly dyeing my hair since I turned 14 or so, and dyeing has literally never been a cause of damage for me.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t be so opposed to a method if you could bend it to fit your own hair’s needs, but apparently if you do that with the CGM, people get very, very perturbed. To the point where certain groups will kick you out of the group for so much as asking about shampoo! (Another thing you’re supposed to eschew under the CGM, in favour of a “co-wash”…which I know for a fact mats my own hair horrifically!) Which is…just weird. Nobody’s body acts exactly the same as anyone else’s, and that includes hair. Hair is as individualistic as fingerprints, I’ve found. What works for me may cause someone else’s locks to go into panic mode, and vice-versa. A method that doesn’t allow for alteration doesn’t seem very legitimate to me…and hair care is always, always, always trial and error. For everyone!

So, advice from an ex-Rapunzel? Discover what makes your hair happiest, and just do that! Don’t even mind if it doesn’t follow Method Y or Plan Z. The best way to encourage your hair to grow is to take care of it just the way it personally needs. Healthy hair grows longer quicker. That’s literally the secret!

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